Volume 9: Chapter 38 - Mu Zi's Journey

Volume 9: Chapter 38 - Mu Zi's Journey

After hearing what the Demon Emperor had said, Uncle Firewood didn’t make any remarks. I understood that what the Demon Emperor said was the truth.

After I pondered for a while, I said, “In that case, can’t you move some of the troops from the frontline back to rear the Demon beasts?”

The Demon Emperor shot a glance at me and said, “You’re too naive. Do you think that the Human race are herbivores? Once they see that some of the troops had retreated, they would immediately use that opportunity to raid the troops. They may even continue their attack, plotting to eliminate my citizens. The Demon race’s animosity with the Human race is extremely deep.” Actually, whenever I remember Prince Ke Zha, who tried to...

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