Volume 9: Chapter 36 - The Demon Emperor Awaits

Volume 9: Chapter 36 - The Demon Emperor Awaits

Uncle Firewood said, “I understand. It’s because of Mu Zi, right? I really don’t understand love aspects, so you’ll have to rely on yourself. However, Mu Zi doesn’t seem to despise your current look. What are you going to do? Are you going to abandon her?”

My heart shuddered as I heard his words. “Even if that’s the case, I can’t ruin Mu Zi. How can I, an ugly person, be compatible with her Goddess-like looks? I can’t let her live her life in misery. She’ll be able to forget about me as time passes.”

Uncle Firewood was stunned. “I didn’t think your feelings would be that deep. Is love so great? Let’s not talk about this now, and keep your dispirited looks away. We have to deal with...

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