Volume 9: Chapter 34 - Successful Rescue

Volume 9: Chapter 34 - Successful Rescue

I shook my head, forcing myself to calm my racing heart. “Nothing. I’m lucky that you came in time. If not, it would have been really dangerous today.”

Uncle Firewood said, “Zhang Gong, don’t overthink it. Let your friends out before we go any further.”

I was startled, I was so focused on my own misery that I almost forgotten about the most important task.

I told Uncle Firewood, “Try your best to recover your battle spirit. With Xiao Jin’s protection, there shouldn’t be any problems unless it’s the Demon Emperor.” Upon saying that, I sat on the ground and started recovering the disordered fusion power.

Just as I had recovered a portion of my fusion power, Xiao Jin’s sudden frightened...

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