Volume 9: Chapter 33 - Xiao Jin Speaks

Volume 9: Chapter 33 - Xiao Jin Speaks

When the light ray from the escape scroll enclosed Uncle Firewood and I, numerous dark mages appeared, surrounding the center of the public square. The commoners that were running in all directions didn’t obstruct the mage troops that ambushed us. Every one of them chanted softly, quickly making the entire public square enclosed by a dark boundary.  

After the light shone, I realised that we were still in our original positions, and didn’t return to the interior of the palace as planned.

Uncle Firewood was greatly alarmed and asked, “What’s this magic and why haven’t we teleported?”

I smiled wryly, “I also don’t know, but this is bad.” Uncle Firewood had about 30% of his battle spirit while I didn’t have any combat...

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