Volume 9: Chapter 3 - A Powerful Love Rival

Volume 9: Chapter 3 - A Powerful Love Rival

The Second prince said, “Don’t you know that I only have one sister? Even though I’m a prince, the right to succeed the throne is my sister’s. My Royal Father doesn’t look at my elder brother or me. He often said that if we were only ten percent as good as my sister, oh how great that would be.”

My mind went completely blank. Mu Zi had married. I said stunned, “Mu Zi is married?”

An astonished gazed flashed in the Second prince eyes. “They still haven’t officially married. However, their marriage was arranged when they were young. They’ll probably marry after this war has ended.” After hearing what he had said, my heart felt much better as I gradually calmed down. I asked, “What does Ke Lun Duo do? Why does he have the power to...

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