Volume 9: Chapter 27 - Firewood House's Uncle Firewood

Volume 9: Chapter 27 - Firewood House's Uncle Firewood

Very quickly, I discovered that the black clothed person had actually flown towards the palace while bringing me along. What was his intention? Could he be a subordinate of the Demon Emperor?

The black clothed person gradually decreased his pace, gently landing near the Firewood House. From the amount of perspiration appearing on his body, I knew that he was near his limit, and was secretly elated.

The black clothed person unceremoniously tossed me into the Firewood house, whilst closing the door after he surveyed the surrounding. He panted, “You brat, you’re really heavy. We almost couldn’t return. Don’t overthink this; I won’t cripple your cultivation, for now. There are some things I want to ask you in...

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