Volume 9: Chapter 25 - Mysterious Man in Black

Volume 9: Chapter 25 - Mysterious Man in Black

The other master said in surprise, “What? It was caused by the Princess?”

“Lower your voice. I don’t know why, but the Princess suddenly threw a tantrum at His Majesty. She then cast an unknown large scale magic in fury, leading to the destruction of the Politics Palace Hall.”

Upon hearing that, I  lowered my head to hide the stirred up emotions and increased the pace of splitting wood. Mu Zi’s fall out with her father was definitely due to me. ‘Mu Zi! My good Mu Zi, if I still had my original looks, how great will that be? I’ll definitely escape to a faraway place with you. However, I’m no longer compatible with you. Perhaps, Ke Lun Duo will be the best match for you.’ I gritted my teeth at the idea of not being able to see...

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