Volume 9: Chapter 24 - Mu Zi's Understanding

Volume 9: Chapter 24 - Mu Zi's Understanding

Ke Lun Duo prompted, “Princess, let’s go.”

A sudden glimmer was shown in Mu Zi’s eyes as she said in surprise, “Zhang Gong? That person is Zhang Gong?”

Ke Lun Duo was startled before he asked, “Is that the mage that you knew from the human race?” This brat was pretending that he didn’t know me; it made me clench my fist tightly in anger.

Mu Zi glanced at Ke Lun Duo with a complicated expression. “Big Brother Wa Leng, it’s him. He has come to the empire to find me. I want to see him.” Upon saying that she was going to move to find Zhang Gong, Ke Lun Duo pulled on Mu Zi’s sleeve, saying, “Princess, I think that it will be better to head back now. That person is definitely...

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