Volume 9: Chapter 23 - Peeking Inside the Palace

Volume 9: Chapter 23 - Peeking Inside the Palace

Night had arrived again. The time of the day wasn’t bad for me, as it was completely dark and the moon didn’t appear tonight. This was great. I would infiltrate the palace tonight at all costs as I was already running out of time.

I took out an outfit suitable for night travels from my space pocket, before saying to Xiao Rou. “You should stay here. Don’t follow me tonight.”

Xiao Rou nodded. I saw signs of concern in her eyes so I said, “Don’t worry. Even if I can’t defeat them, can’t I just run away? I currently also didn’t have any misgivings that I had felt previously. You just have to wait for me here and also keep an eye on Uncle Firewood. If he makes any movements, tell me about them after I return.”

After giving her the task, I surged...

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