Volume 9: Chapter 2 - Prince of the Demon Race

Volume 9: Chapter 2 - Prince of the Demon Race

At a place not far from us, there were densely packed tents that lined up in front of Ström Fortress. I looked at Zhan Hu and said, “That should be the main camp of the Demon-Beast Alliance. It seems that the magic array didn’t send us to the wrong place. It is just that we are at a higher altitude.

I continued to say, “I suddenly thought about a question. Does anyone know the way to the capital city of the demon race?”

Everyone looked at each other. I dejectedly said, “I had forgotten about this. I was so focused on how we were going to get here. This is bad.” For many years, the human race in the Eastern continent hadn’t come to the Western continent. How were we going to find our way to the capita...

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