Volume 9: Chapter 18 - After the Calamity, Renewed Life

Volume 9: Chapter 18 - After the Calamity, Renewed Life

The Demon Emperor snorted and I heard his heavy footsteps heading toward me.

The Demon Emperor suddenly gasped before he asked, “Why is he like this? How has he gotten into such a sorry state? Did you mistreat him?”

The foreign voice replied in fear and trepidation, “No...No, we didn’t do anything. When he was sent in, he was already in this state the next day. He seemed to be breathing yesterday, but now, it seems that there isn’t a single breath from him.” ‘F*ck, how dare you say that I’m breathless! I’m enraged now!’

The Demon Emperor seemed to have caught on  as he inserted his power into my meridians. Currently, I felt that the tremendous pain...

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