Volume 9: Chapter 17 - Darkness Corruption

Volume 9: Chapter 17 - Darkness Corruption

The Demon Emperor’s spoke out again as he said, “Alright! Your dragon already departed. You should surrender now.”

Jian Shan withdrew his sword and said, “We definitely won’t surrender. The worst you can do is to kill me.”

I stopped him and conveyed, “Let’s not create any unnecessary casualties. We’ll temporarily surrender, then plan again.” However, I said, “Jian Shan, we mustn’t go against what we said we would do previously. I was really defeated by him. Let’s surrender.”

A complex expression was shown in Jian Shan’s eyes as he looked at me. He heavily sighed, before tossing the sword on the floor.  

The Demon Emperor broke out into laughters and said, “Bind them up before locking them in the lowest section of Demon’s jail.”

After binding us, he...

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