Volume 9: Chapter 14 - Xiao Jin Returns

Volume 9: Chapter 14 - Xiao Jin Returns

I dejectedly looked at the demon fox on my shoulder. “It seems that I won’t be able to bring you along in the future. If I’d paid more attention, perhaps everything that happened  wouldn’t have happened.”

Ke Lun Duo said, “Zhang Gong, you all should  just surrender. I’ll plead mercy for you in front of His Majesty.”

I clenched my teeth and said, “Ke Lun Duo, stop being a hypocrite! Currently, I just want to eat your meat, and peel your skin off.”

Ke Lun Duo helplessly smiled, and pointed at Zhan Hu, and Dong Ri, who had both fainted. “It can’t be that you don’t care about their life, right? I captured them so as to avoid unnecessary injuries.”

I took in a deep breath and viciously...

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