Volume 9: Chapter 13 - Trapped in Dire Straits

Volume 9: Chapter 13 - Trapped in Dire Straits

Our team of 13 people and one beast, entered the God Rended Canyon. When we walked to the center of the valley, I suddenly felt uneasy. I stopped walking, and told Zhan Hu, “Big brother, I feel uneasy. Is there be something that’s going to happen?”

Zhan Hu replied with smiles, “Why will it? Who will know that we’re humans? You should be nervous because of meeting a certain person soon, right?”

I instantly relaxed, and replied smiling, “Perhaps.” Just as I wanted to walk, the demon fox on my shoulder suddenly shuddered, and her fur stood up; it wasn’t right. Something would definitely happen.

I shouted, “Everyone, be wary of your surroundings.”

At that moment, something really happened. The heaven and...

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