Volume 9: Chapter 11 - Cyclops Demon Beast

Volume 9: Chapter 11 - Cyclops Demon Beast

Damn it, why was I so unlucky? I really wanted to just toss this little fellow over to him. I brandished Sukrad’s staff to shoot a golden light over at him.

The cyclops unexpectedly didn’t dodge or hide. He just waved the large branch towards me.

‘Pu! Chi!’ sounded as the light blade struck on his body. There was only a trace of blood that was left on his chest, but it wouldn’t really result to any damage to his body. I had used an advanced spell but he unexpectedly didn’t treat it as a matter. As I was astonished, his branch had arrived. The strong wind that blew towards me had caused my face to hurt. I didn’t had the time to dodge so I rapidly made my magic power surge outwards. “Hong!” The branch that he had...

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