Volume 9: Chapter 10 - Delicious Barbecue

Volume 9: Chapter 10 - Delicious Barbecue

I said, “Big brother, stop boasting and start cooking, let everyone have a taste of your cooking skills.”

Zhan Hu lifted the demon wolf and walked to the riverside. He withdrew his long sword from his back before he rid the Demon wolf of its fur and internal organs in a few smooth moves. He said to Dong Ri, “We’ll need a fire, so go and collect some twigs for kindling.”

I walked over and asked, “Wah! Big brother, you can’t be planning to directly roast it right? It won’t be any different from the way the demon race cooks it then.”

Zhan Hu just chuckled mysteriously before he replied, “You just have to wait for the food to be ready for consumption.”

After we lit up a bonfire, Zhan Hu used a thick...

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