Volume 9: Chapter 1 - Dangerous Teleportation

Volume 9: Chapter 1 - Dangerous Teleportation

I told everyone, “You should start to meditate to recover your battle spirit to its peak state. We’ll be crossing that huge mountain, so we may face some strong waves.”

Zhan Hu and the rest sat in a circle and began meditating. Judging from the degree of radiance from their body’s aura, Zhan Hu’s power was the strongest, and Jian Shan was the runner up. Dong Ri and the other villagers from God’s village were about the same. However, Dong Ri had the Wind God’s bow so he was still be slightly stronger overall.

I tossed away any distracting thoughts, and started to focus on drawing the teleportation array. The teleportation array which was used to pass through the mountain was of the highest grade. Not a single mistake could...

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