Volume 8: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Monster Attacks

Volume 8: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Monster Attacks

After entering Pulima City, there weren’t many cityfolk to be found and the city seemed to be in a perilous state.

When we entered a big inn, a server came to receive us.

I asked, “I need 84 rooms. Are they available?” Since there were a lot of us, every time we looked for lodging along the way, we always faced the situation that the inn couldn’t accommodate all of us so I had to clarify.

The server hastily replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes! To tell you the truth, the entire inn is empty so 84 rooms won’t be a problem.”

I then asked in surprise, “There’s no one staying in such a large inn. Is it because it is too pricy?”

The server smiled wryly before he replied, “It is not because this inn is pricy, but...

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