Volume 8: Chapter 8 - Magic Crystal

Volume 8: Chapter 8 - Magic Crystal

After leaving the inn, I wandered around without any destination. I thought, ‘I really have lost my standing in Aixia. I also don’t know how the teachers are faring, and that adorable Hai Shui too, I don’t know if I will be able to meet them again someday.’

As I walked on, I suddenly heard someone shout, “This is the opening day of my shop. I welcome everyone to come forward to peruse and purchase some of my items.”

I raised my head and found it was a jewellery shop. I was moved as now I was traveling with 100 people. ‘The expenditure is not little. The Diamond coins on me are also running out. I shall go and sell some of my jewels.’

Thinking of this, I walked...

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