Volume 8: Chapter 4 - Heavenly Spring's Divine Vein

Volume 8: Chapter 4 - Heavenly Spring's Divine Vein

Mi Jia Lie chuckled somewhat awkwardly and said, “It’s nothing. Why would it be dangerous? Don’t worry. Even though the process of receiving the inheritance does have its risks, the chances of success are still fairly large.”  

I asked anxiously, “Fairly large? How large exactly is that?” No matter how large the chances were, if it weren’t a hundred percent, there was no chance of me heading to the Great Valley to accept his so-called inheritance. After all, safety is my first priority.

Mi Jia Lie didn’t answer my question, instead exclaiming, “Aiya! You’re in trouble. There’re a lot of people heading this way. You should return.” After he finished saying that, the stars vanished,...

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