Volume 8: Chapter 2 - Bizarre Village

Volume 8: Chapter 2 - Bizarre Village

Jian Shan shouted, “I got it. We’ll head over there now.” He turned his head to look at me. “We don’t casually accept strangers here. I’m really sorry, but I must trouble you to meet my elder.”

I smiled and replied, “It’s to be expected. However, you can see how I look. Is it alright for me to clean up first?”

“Of course you can, follow me.” After he finished speaking, he brought me to the side of the village’s spring water while holding a wooden tub.

When I started to reach into the spring water to wash my face, I was stopped by him. He explained, “Our village doesn’t allow us to directly clean up in the spring’s water.” After that, he filled a tub of water and passed...

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