Volume 8: Chapter 17 - Arranging a rescue

Volume 8: Chapter 17 - Arranging a rescue

I frowned as I said, “That’s something I found strange, unless……” Thinking about it, my expression suddenly changed.

Zhan Hu loudly exclaimed, “They’re already being controlled by the monster race?!”

Dong Ri, who was at Zhan Hu’s side, covered his mouth and said, “Boss, are you lest that no one knows about it?”

I wasn’t in the mood to care about that. With a resolute gaze, I said, “We must immediately head to the Demon race. If the Demon Emperor is being controlled, the entire world will be in danger. Monster King….Monster King, you’re really scheming. When the human race and the allied forces of the Demon and Beast races are severely injured, it’ll be time for you to resurrect into the world. Do you think...

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