Volume 8: Chapter 16 - Demon-Beast Allied Armies

Volume 8: Chapter 16 - Demon-Beast Allied Armies

After hearing my words, Dong Ri said, “Let Jian Shan go with you. He is definitely of the Radiant Knight rank.” It seemed that his and Jian Shan’s relationship wasn’t bad.

I replied, “It’ll be extremely dangerous to head to the Demon race.I can only allow those who will come with me of their own free will as I can’t promise that everyone will return safely.”

The Great Elder replied, “You can pass this matter to me, and I’ll help you pick. When do you plan on heading out?”

I replied, “We leave immediately. his matter must be settled as quickly as possible since we don’t know how many subordinates of the Monster King have infiltrated the Demon race.” ‘I’m really worried about Mu Zi’s safety. Mu Zi,...

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