Volume 8: Chapter 15 - Beginning to take shape

Volume 8: Chapter 15 - Beginning to take shape

I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It’s great if they're fine. Dong Ri, there’s quite a sum of money in this card. You should head to Pulima City with 20 brothers of the God’s village to get some rations and daily necessities. You must be fast, so you should fly there.” Dong Ri took the Amethyst card from my hand before he replied, “Don’t worry. I will definitely be back in two day’s time.”

The Great Elder said, “Jian Shan, you go and pick some of the villagers who haven’t used too much of their energy to accompany him.”

Jian Shan came out of the crowd in a flash, and patted Dong Ri’s shoulder. He said, “Brother, let’s go.”

Watching them leave, I...

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