Volume 8: Chapter 13 - Monster Clan's Protector

Volume 8: Chapter 13 - Monster Clan's Protector

Zhan Hu frowned as he asked, “What race are you? The Monster race?”

The grey clothed man coldly snorted before he said, “That’s right. I’m one of the eight great protectors of the Monster King.”

Zhan Hu replied disdainfully, “What bullshit protector are you? Aren’t you just a lackey for the Monster King?”

The grey clothed man rebuked unyieldingly, “What about yourself? Aren’t you also a lackey for the God’s clan?”

Zhan Hu raged and said, “Good, I will let you have a taste of my prowess. Watch out!” After he said that, he threw a punch, and a golden power formed a light ray towards the grey clothed man. The grey clothed man let out a black fog, stopping...

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