Volume 8: Chapter 12 - Annihilation of the Origin

Volume 8: Chapter 12 - Annihilation of the Origin

I gently waved Sukrad’s staff to form a beautiful light halo in the sky. After a short while, six figures appeared on top of the hill. Zhan Hu asked, “How is it? Did you find anything?”

I pointed at the position in the Southeast. “Take a look at that side, the monsters seem to be coming from there. They start to disperse to the surrounding hills from that direction. Let’s go and have a look.” After saying that, I took the lead, flying in towards the direction that the monstrous energy was coming from.

As we followed the monsters, we stumbled upon an enormous hole in a dense forest. Countless monsters were climbing out from the hole, and so, we landed on a small hill nearby,...

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