Volume 8: Chapter 10 - Reunited with Zhan Hu

Volume 8: Chapter 10 - Reunited with Zhan Hu

So it was like that, why would an army of the Monster King appear here? Could it be that he had emerged in the world earlier than expected?

There wasn’t any time for me to think as a large army of hellhounds were nearing. I could see them clearly now, their size wasn’t too large. They were 1 meter in length and half a meter in height, and there were thousands of them. Upon seeing this situation, I calmed down as I doubted they could be that powerful.

What was beyond my expectation was that they didn’t directly attack. They encircled us first; an evil aura radiating from their bodies as they glared at us viciously with their bloodshot eyes. It couldn’t be that there was someone controlling them, right?...

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