Volume 7: Chapter 6 - Mu Zi's Identity

Volume 7: Chapter 6 - Mu Zi's Identity 

There was a flash of light at an isolated corner in the capital’s far west, and three people appeared.

I had Mu Zi in my arms, stared at old man from the demon race lying on the ground, then knotted my eyebrows and surveyed our surroundings.

Mu Zi asked, “Where is this?”

I thought for a bit and replied, “My escape scroll is limited to an escape radius of three to five kilometers; This should be somewhere within the city. It is too dangerous, they will be able to find us soon. We need to leave the city immediately.”

Mu Zi smiled bitterly, “How are we going to do that? I’m afraid the city’s entrance has already been locked down, and we can’t even fly out even if we wanted to. Just look above...

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