Volume 7: Chapter 5 - Jail Break Success

Volume 7: Chapter 5 - Jail Break Success

I said seriously, “Don't shoot off your mouth! The most respectable teacher to me is Teacher Zhen. That old man’s accomplishments are not something that you can talk about.”

The mage immediately smiled his apology and replied, “Yes! Yes! I had misspoken. Please forgive me.”

My expression softened and replied, “That’s enough. You also don’t need to be too courteous. Your efforts in protecting His Majesty is also not small. I will say good words about you to His Majesty.”

After the mage heard that he became elated and replied, “I will first thank you before hand. You can just tell me whatever you need in the future.” As I saw him bending and scraping to curry favor from me, I felt an indescribable annoyance...

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