Volume 7: Chapter 13 - Finale - Sorrowful Parting

Volume 7: Chapter 13 - Finale - Sorrowful Parting

Hai Shui’s love for me was unexpectedly deep, I found myself moved. I gently kissed her forehead. Hai Shui’s entire body shivered before she raised her head and looked at me, her eyes filled with deep feelings for me. She slowly closed her eyes and I leaned forward. I, at first, gently kissed her lips. After that, it became out of hand. Hai Shui reacted frantically as she wrapped her arms around my neck. It was as though she wanted to release all of her love for me.

I seemed to be open with Hai Shui, compared to being conservative with Mu Zi. I didn’t know when I actually embraced her as we laid on the bed before extending my hand into her clothes. My thigh unintentionally touched the icy pillar of the bed. My mind became slightly more clear. I gently pushed Hai Shui away. Her delicate face was completely red and her eyes were filled with lust. She said seductively, “Zhang Gong! Zhang Gong!”

The clearness of my mind had awoken my rationality. Therefore, I supressed my arousement. I said, “Behave yourself....

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