Volume 7: Chapter 12 - Escaping from the Abyss

Volume 7: Chapter 12 - Escaping from the Abyss

Three days and 9 times of drinking the soup had quickly passed by, as I anticipated for Hai Shui to come release me.

Finally, the waiting was over. A light shone and Hai Shui’s familiar figure appeared before me once again with a long bag in her hand. When she saw that I was still locked on the stone bed, she was astonished and whispered, “Zhang Gong, you still haven’t recovered?”

I replied, “I already have, but I was afraid that they would figure it out, so I didn’t break free from the shackles.”

Hai Shui sighed in relief. “Hurry, we’ve got to go! We’ll need to make use of the time we have.”

After I silently circulated my battle spirit, my...

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