Volume 7: Chapter 11 - Recovering Magic Power

Volume 7: Chapter 11 - Recovering Magic Power

I dejectedly said, “I’ve caused trouble for those teachers.”

Hai Shui walked to my front and squatted down. Her entire body shuddered and tears flowed out from her eyes. She took out a pill from her bosom and forced it into my mouth. She gently caressed my thin and pallid face and said, “How can they treat you like this? Big brother Zhang Gong, you’ve really suffered.”

The pill liquefied and flowed down my throat. My stomach instantly seemed to work and my energy slowly rejuvenated. I asked, “It is the antidote to the powder that softened my cartilages?”

Hai Shui nodded. “You should try your best to recover your strength and magic powers. If you want to get out of here,...

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