Volume 6: Chapter 8 - Onwards to Dragon Valley

Volume 6: Chapter 8 - Onwards to Dragon Valley

The petite youth nodded repeatedly. “I definitely will not dare to do that again. Thank you for forgiving me.”

I waved my hand at him. “That’s enough. You are free to go. Be more careful when you head out and avoid being seen by the Town Chief’s people.”

The petite young man suddenly kneeled before me and sincerely said, “Teacher, please take me in as your disciple. I am willing to follow your steps. I just wish to learn more advanced magic spells.”

I pulled him up and replied, “I am still a student myself. How can I take you in? Furthermore, my magic is incompatible with yours.”

After the petite young man listened to my words, he kneeled down once again and profusely kept...

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