Volume 6: Chapter 5 - Magical Groom Recruitment

Volume 6: Chapter 5 - Magical Groom Recruitment

Ma Ke said astonishingly, “But you just told Mu Zi…”

I snappily glared at him. “That was to stop her from worrying. You don’t even understand something this logical?”

Ma Ke and Si Wa speechlessly stared at me. I asked, “Why are you two looking at me like this? Do you find me that handsome?”

Ma Ke didn’t mind my teasing and said resolutely, “Boss, I will go with you to the Dragon Valley.”

Ma Ke’s will and spirit had greatly touched me. I changed my expression from a teasing appearance to a serious one before replying earnestly, “Do you think I am going to play? In this world, the strongest creatures are the dragons. If something goes wrong, it would not be likely we would be able to return....

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