Volume 6: Chapter 4 - Mu Zi Leaves

Volume 6: Chapter 4 - Mu Zi Leaves

Mu Zi smilingly said, “From the first time I met you, I had the feeling that you will definitely be an extraordinary person. Every successful man will definitely not have only one woman behind them. Rather than allowing your heart to be stolen by another, why not find sisters whom I can trust? With the assistance of everyone, even if you think about going astray in the future, hehe….”

I bitterly smiled, “Am I really the type of person that you’re describing?” Mu Zi was actually truly willing to accept Hai Shui. Her way of thinking really makes me embarrassed to the point of cold sweat.

Mu Zi glanced at me and said, “Now, you are saying nice things, but I don’t know...

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