Volume 6: Chapter 2 - Teacher's Summons

Volume 6: Chapter 2 - Teacher's Summons

My expression dampened a little but I forcefully smiled and said, “We are doing really well.”

Hai Shui didn’t notice my expression and plainly replied, “That’s great. We are going on a vacation soon. What are your plans?”

‘Plans? I really haven’t thought about that.’

I replied without thinking, “I still don’t know. I’ll make my plans when the vacation starts. Maybe, I will just head home.”

Hai Shui nodded and replied, “That’s a good plan. I heard from my elder sister that your magic power had already reached the Magister’s stage. Is that really true?”

I couldn’t, and also didn’t want to lie to her so I just simply replied, “That’s correct and it had already been sometime since I reached...

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