Volume 6: Chapter 15 - Backed by the Dragons

Volume 6: Chapter 15 - Backed by the Dragons

Just like that, I wracked my brain for the entire day to give all of the dragons names that they were satisfied with. After that, even Xiao jin’s mother, who was the huge white dragon, also came. I also gave her a name, White Queen as she was the Dragon King’s wife. Haha! After giving so many dragons their names, I still felt very accomplished.

I finally finished that task when night came. Except for the Dragon King and the Green Dragon that had ‘offended’ me, all of the dragons had their own name.”

After the crowd of dragons had dispersed, I also went back to my hole. The Green Dragon that had been hiding at the side ran over and pulled Ice Blue. “Xiao Xiao Lan, what is that brat up to? I was too...

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