Volume 6: Chapter 14 - Naming Dragons

Volume 6: Chapter 14 - Naming Dragons

Since he had already apologized like that, what more could I say? I rubbed my butt before standing up. “Why did that stupid dragon call you Xiao Xiao Lan?”

The blue dragon replied, “It is how we call each other here. We call each other by colours. Let’s use that green dragon as an example. The Dragon King will call him Xiao Xiao Qing. A dragon from the same species, but younger by a generation, will be called Xiao Xiao Qing, therefore I am the pitiful Xiao Xiao Lan.” As he said that, he gave me a grievous look.

I curiously asked, “What if there are two dragons of the same species in a generation?”

The blue dragon’s expression darkened. “In our Dragon clan, that will rarely ever happen. Every species generally has only...

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