Volume 6: Chapter 11 - Dragon King

Volume 6: Chapter 11 - Dragon King

Xiao Jin hurriedly came to my side to protect me and yelled unhappily at his mother.

The huge white dragon hastily said, “Aiyo! Mother didn’t do that on purpose. Let’s quickly go!”

A line of three dragons and a human flew towards the deep parts of the basin.

There was an enormous hole in front. The large white dragon was using her dragon claw to drag me, who was currently wrapped in my own light, and came to a stop. She turned her head and told Xiao Jin, “This is our home. Xiao Qing, ah! I mean Xiao Jin’s Uncle Green, you stand guard at the door. We will head in first. Don’t allow any dragons to come and disturb our family of three’s love and joy.” After she said that, she brought Xiao Jin and I insid...

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