Volume 5: Chapter 9 - Provoking a Defeated Opponent

Volume 5: Chapter 9 - Provoking a Defeated Opponent

Si Wa said, “You’re too humble. We aren’t as powerful as the Vice Principal describes us to be. We will still need your care and guidance.”

One of the students from Contemplation Magic Academy said, “Stop pretending to be gracious! During this competition...” The Vice Principal from the Contemplation Magic Academy glared at him. “What right have you got interrupting him? Are you as strong as him? If you were a magic scholar like him, I would have made way for you.” That student looked away but still retained an unsatisfied appearance. With that, the atmosphere of the banquet became a little awkward.

Right at that moment, the dishes were served. Forest Dragon’s Vice Principal said, “Alright! Let’s dig in. There...

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