Volume 5: Chapter 6 - Enlightening Ma Ke

Volume 5: Chapter 6 - Enlightening Ma Ke

I can finally make up for last night’s lack of sleep tonight.. After eating some food with the rest,  I asked Mu Zi to guide Hai Yue more before I pulled Ma Ke into the room.

Ma Ke still looked wooden. After we entered the room, I first gave him a violent punch. He was struck dumb by the sudden strike. I said angrily, “For a girl, is it worth it? Don’t let me see you like this again! A man must have an indomitable spirit. Why should a manly man be afraid that he won’t have a wife?”

Ma Ke bitterly smiled. “What if this was the case with Mu Zi and you?”

I instantly deflated like a popped balloon and sat on the bed. “You really...

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