Volume 5: Chapter 4 - Heart Breaking Confession

Volume 5: Chapter 4 - Heart Breaking Confession

The coldness that Hai Yue had displayed caused the team’s atmosphere to become somewhat awkward, and as a result, Ma Ke didn’t dare to go near her again. The first day of the journey quickly came to an end.

We had travelled about 100 km (and utilised magic in isolated areas). There were no village or shops in the near distance. Since the sky was already pitch black, I told Si Wa Ming, “Brother Si Wa Ming, it is already night and everyone is tired from the long journey today. How about we find a place that can shelter us from the wind and spend the night out in the open?”

Si Wa Ming raised his head and looked at the sky. “It looks like that’s the way it has to be. Does anyone have any other...

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