Volume 5: Chapter 3 - Preparing for the Journey

Volume 5: Chapter 3 - Preparing for the Journey

Teacher Di said, “You… Who can you blame for this? Who told you to not listen properly in class? Even though this competition is definitely shrouded in danger, I have complete faith in you. The other seven advanced academy definitely won’t have any Magisters. You just have to keep the others safe. Do you understand?”  

I nodded. “The reason why Teacher Zhen wanted me to go at all cost was probably for safety.”

Teacher Di nodded. “It is fine as long as you understand. I don’t know why, but I keep getting bad feelings from Mu Zi. I just want to remind you again to pay attention to her.”

My mood dampened. Teacher Di seemed to dislike Mu Zi. “Mu Zi is a very kind hearted girl. I have never...

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