Volume 5: Chapter 22 - Returning to Class

Volume 5: Chapter 22 - Returning to Class

After hearing Teacher Zhen’s words, I felt bad. I said, “Actually, I am partially the reason. I wasn’t prepared enough and had inaccurately judged our opponents’ strength.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “This incident was totally unexpected. Who would have known Hai Yue would fall into a trance during the competition. I hope Ma Ke gets well. If not, I will feel uneasy for the rest of my life.”

I smiled and said, “From what the Xin family’s leader had said, the chances for his recovery is high. Ma Ke may have won some profit from his mishappenings. That’s right! Teacher Di, during the competition when I was almost defeated, the defensive power of the light robe that you had...

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