Volume 5: Chapter 21 - Mysterious Guiding Female Qi

Volume 5: Chapter 21 - Mysterious Guiding Female Qi

Mu Zi nodded and hugged me tightly. When I wanted to reciprocate her action, she lovably ran away.

As I watched her fading back, I smiled.

After about an hour, Teacher Di’s office became lively. The Yue family’s leader Huan Ying Yue, Xin family’s leader Hai Tian Xin, the leader of the Royal Mage Union, Dun Yu Xi, and Prince Ke Zha gathered. Including me, all six Magisters were gathered here.

The few Magisters looked at Ma Ke’s injuries and could only helplessly shake their heads. Hai Yue expressed a completely depressed and pessimistic expression. She was also stunned when she finally knew Ma Ke’s actual identity.

Teacher Zhen...

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