Volume 5: Chapter 19 - A New Understanding

Volume 5: Chapter 19 - A New Understanding

A satisfied expression was shown on her face. “I won’t allow you to risk your life like this ever again. You don’t know just how worried I was. You were unconscious for a day and a night.”

I asked in amazement. “It has been a day and a night already? How is Ma Ke? We should head out of the city as soon as possible.”

Mu Zi said dejectedly, “Ma Ke hasn’t woken up since that day, but his condition is still quite stable. He should still be able to stay in that state temporarily.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Mu Zi, you go and inform Hai Yue not to worry. After resting for a day, my magic power will recover. I will then set a large teleportation array to send us directly...

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