Volume 5: Chapter 16 - Facing the Enemy Alone

Volume 5: Chapter 16 - Facing the Enemy Alone

Mu Zi rebuked with a grave voice. “No! How can I let you risk your life alone? I definitely won’t allow you to do so.”

I replied, “Have you got any better ideas then? Don’t worry! I still have Xiao Jin. He is a dragon king whose ability is definitely not inferior to mine. Do you really think that two Magisters will be defeated by three magic scholars? You all worrying too much.”

Si Wa anxiously replied, “But…”

I interrupted him. “Stop talking! I have decided! Don’t even bother accompanying me, as I will be able to concentrate better without you there.. Mu Zi, be a good girl and wait for your husband’s good news.”

Mu Zi, strangely, didn’t rebuke me after I self-proclaimed...

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