Volume 5: Chapter 15 - Ma Ke's Crisis

Volume 5: Chapter 15 - Ma Ke's Crisis

I anxiously said, “But...What will we do about your wounds?”

Ma Ke bitterly smiled and replied in short gasps, “It... doesn’t matter anymore... Boss, didn’t you say… that we should accept our fate...? If I… am really not meant to  die... then I won’t die. You must... become the champions... and let the other academies know... that we... are the strongest...” After he said that, he fainted and a stream of blood continued to pour out from the corner of his lips.

I exclaimed, “Ma Ke, Ma Ke!!!”

Hai Yue stayed beside Ma Ke’s body and wailed painfully till her voice gave out. I sighed and straightened my body, silently vowing to obtain the championship. I looked at Hai Yue and...

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