Volume 5: Chapter 14 - Suffering Heavy Casualties

Volume 5: Chapter 14 - Suffering Heavy Casualties

It would be Mu Zi, Hai Yue, and I who would compete during the third day of the competition, due to the fact that Si Wa and Ma Ke had used up most of their energy.

Mu Zi and I won the first two battles easily, but the third match would have to be fought by Hai Yue who had never appeared on the battle stage.

Hai Yue looked a little depressed and walked onto the battle arena listlessly. When she raised her head, her heart shuddered as her opponent looked similar to Feng Liang. Hai Yue just stood there and stared blankly at her opponent with a myriad of thoughts passing through her mind. At that moment, her heart was in pain, so she just...

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