Volume 5: Chapter 10 - Dual Academy Withdrawal

Volume 5: Chapter 10 - Dual Academy Withdrawal

After some time, the vice Principal of the Si Long Advanced Magic Academy snapped back from his shock, running over to embrace Hua De while glaring at me with rage. Hua De was his beloved pupil, and thus, Hua De’s arrogant and domineering persona grew as a result of his constant pampering. But this time, he was unlucky to have met and angered me.

I coldly smiled. “You should really educate your student when you head back. You should have known that words are able to cause a great deal of trouble. I held back this time, but if he were to anger me again... I won’t be as polite as I was this time.”

The face of Contemplation’s vice Principal glowed crimson red, and he raised his hand, shooting a fireball...

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